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Rob the Rich is a brand for those who want to make a statement and disrupt the status quo. In a world where the gaps are only getting wider, it’s a brand for the people who never got a handout and have had to earn it every step of the way. Whether you are in the gym, studio or dreaming of your next big thing, when you look down at the logo, you know where you came from and what you got to do to get where you are going… 


Their gear is designed with the hustle in mind; comfort is key but standing out means everything.

They have been a proud sponsor of Everything Oshaun since Day 1 and we value their ongoing support.


In their own words, "those who wear Roots are connected to a community that recognizes one another with a nod – a mutual understanding that you’re comfortable with who you are. Everyone has roots. We believe in the importance of where you come from – your origins, your history, your story – which are all distinctly your own. We celebrate what makes us all unique."

Most recently, Roots outfitted OShauN with one of their classic sets which can be seen in his performance of song Load MGMT - a track that can be heard booming out of cars and arenas alike in the city OShauN calls home.

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